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The Revised HP Reverb G2.

Hewlett-Packard (HP) just released a Next-Level Immersion hyper-realistic virtual reality headset.

The Revised Reverb G2 was recently released by Hewlett-Packard, popularly known as HP, which will be better for people who wear glasses and use AMD graphics cards. According to HP, the update will address some of the concerns from the previous model, but it will not be a complete refresh. Along with the enhancements to the headgear, updates to the Mixed Reality Portal software in Windows 11 are aimed at streamlining the SteamVR experience and improving speed.

The updated headset will offer better controller tracking and an improved face gasket. HP worked with AMD to ensure better compatibility with AMD-powered processors for the G2’s graphics card, a problem that plagues the existing G2. HP says the headset will offer better controller tracking and improved face gaskets for better eyestrain relief.

HP did not specify a release date for this version of the headset in the press announcement. However, we’ve seen comments on Reddit in recent weeks about some individuals receiving the updated face gasket, implying that HP is already sending the upgraded headset to customers.

You can check out the full description on their website.

The headset is now available on Amazon but can go out of stock at any time. If interested you can check it out.

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