So recently while trying to prepare for exams, I just had to look for noise-canceling headphones because the distractions were just too much. I am not really a fan when it comes to going to the library and also I prefer staying in my room, and of course, this comes with the noise from neighbors and from all corners. So I decided to look around the internet and came across this article. The review was quite good and I thought why not try it out and see if I will get the same experience from the SONY WH-1000XM3. And Trust me, I was the best. So here is my experience so far…

Why I Like It


It all starts with the noise cancellation features. The surrounding noises are gone when you close your eyes and place the ear cups on your head, and it’s as if everyone has vanished. Not forgetting, The audio performance is just on another level,


The ear cushions are the real stars here. Comfort is felt for numerous hours thanks to soft pressure-relieving earpads with bigger and deeper ergonomic ear space, as well as lightweight construction. However, after a few hours, they can become quite warm. So long as you’ve connected it to the Sony Headphones Connect App, the right earcup may trigger your voice assistant—Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant. These wireless headphones may also be charged by USB-C.

The sound quality is excellent, and there are numerous EQ choices.

While all-day comfort, high-quality materials, and low heat retention are all important features in over-ear headphones, none of it matters if the music you’re listening to isn’t good. Thankfully, these headphones sound fantastic. Beyond how rich everything sounded (particularly with the EQ set to the “Excited” setting), one of the first things I noticed was how much bass presence there is here. Not that decent bass support is hard to come by with wide over-ear cups—one of the reasons many like over-ears is the comfortable seal—but the WH-1000XM3 has really robust bass, especially when the EQ preset is set to “Clear Bass.”

The WH-1000XM3 are plenty of loud headphones, and your usual volume may be louder than before. You can also do a custom EQ, though frankly, in the “flat” setting (no augmenting or diminishing of frequencies) this still sounds rad. The only real issue I have isn’t an issue with the headphones at all. In-line controls mean you can adjust the volume of the speaker wirelessly from within the app, meaning you don’t need to be connected to a wi-fi network.

Good battery Life

Sony claims “all-day” battery life for the WH-1000XM3’s, which, like other wireless/BT headphones on the market, feels very accurate in this case. While it’s true that my pair is newer and that the battery life will degrade with time, I’m also aware that this specific pair spent some time in our Cambridge editorial office before arriving at my desk, and it’s had a few weeks of listening already.

Even with all the fancy bells and whistles (such as adaptive noise cancellation and optimization and all that) enabled throughout a day of listening, I found it difficult to completely drain these cans. While they did die on me after the first software update, they were difficult to put down after a full charge.

Reviewer says the total realistic use-time during the day is 10-12 hours, but that’s outstanding for a set of hefty over-ears running adaptive canceling and Bluetooth all day to boot. Depending on how often you’re using voice commands (I never did) or adjusting EQ in the app, they may die out under the 10-hour mark. But honestly, SONY 1000X M3 wins it here.

Why it might not be a good option

Adaptive NC is a little too adaptive

The WH-1000XM3’s adaptive function is marred by its overactivity. When it does settle into the right pattern, it works just fine. The problem is how often the headphones attempt to recalibrate or “check” what you’re doing. I’ve lost track of how many times they’ve interrupted key shifts during songs, but it’s a lot. The good thing is you can always just turn the adaptive function off in the app.

For this price, They could include more peripherals

There’s no disputing that the WH-1000XM3 headphones are pricey between $250 – $350, depending on where you are, but I believe they’re well worth it. They’re wonderful headphones that are comfortable, useful, and technologically advanced.

However, I believe Sony could include a few more goodies for the price you’re paying. A matching 3.5mm cable is one thing that would be good. The WH-1000XM3s may be used passively with a 3.5mm connection, which I’m not sure most people have. While one can easily be purchased, it would be wonderful if Sony supplied one with the headphones. A neutral 3.5 to 1/4-inch audio adapter would be wonderful, but it’s also something you can purchase up on your own.

Check Price on Amazon

Of course, I had to poke around and see if I will get a similar experience at another price, being a college student and found others, delivering a similar experience.  I Will be writing a review soon 😉. In the meantime, you can check out my other articles here

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